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CEJH Congress in Czech republic!

The CEJH is proud to welcome you to the region of South Moravia, the warmest area of Czech republic. That means it is known for its wine production, agriculture and also many areas of protected nature. Here you can also find our second biggest and fast growing city Brno, which is known as the city of students in the whole of Czechia and Slovakia.

After two years of social isolation due to the pandemic, it is definitely time to meet each other again and continue the long tradition of CEJH congresses. We are excited to be the first slavic country to host this event! For this reason, we will offer different interesting activities for all of you to get to know our culture and to create a strong network across the European borders!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

REGISTRATION: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScreKpmjIkQy-IamgUuxx-wC_ehe1DnOVfJa8V_fIjMeIwlJg/viewform

The programme below contains the most important stops and activities of everyday of the congress. We are still working on adding small visits in different companies and other interesting places to make the programme even better, so look forward to that!

Sum up of the congress in Latvia and Estonia 2019



We had a great time and learned very much from our visit to the Baltic countries this July. Thanks to the staff at Bulduri Horticultural School in Latvia and the Palusalu family in Estonia we experienced gardens, landscapes, culture and companies with lots of beauty and innovation. Take a look at the inspiring photoreport here (link).

Congress 2018

Sum up of the congress in Malmö 2018

The 59th CEJH congress was held in Sweden 22-28 of August, 2018. The event attracted 58 young horticulturists from eight different countries to the region of Skåne and the city of Malmö. It was a week with really hot weather pushing 30 degrees some days. The programme consisted of visits to nurseries, roof gardens, an apple farm, greenhouse production, landscapers and more. A congress tree was planted at the Swedish University of Agriculture in Alnarp. We thank all sponsors and participants!

Check out the photoreport from 2018!

59th CEJH congress in Malmö

Wändels Trädgård: Swedens largest perennial nursery.

59th CEJH congress in Malmö

Spisa Smaker: high tech green house production of potted herbs for supermarkets.

59th CEJH congress in Malmö

Happy folks in the sun!

Sum up of the congress in South Tyrol, 2017


58th CEJH-congress in South Tyrol

The 58th CEJH-congress in South Tyrol, 2nd-8th of July 2017, was a great success. More than 60 people from nine countries met up in the beautiful valleys of northern Italy to experience a five days program of horticultural companies, grand nature and fine food.

The general meeting in Laimburg

At the general meeting in Laimburg, Auer, Silvia Steinert from Germany was chosen for the position of third chairman of the CEJH board. Here together with second chairman Bert Baeten (left) and President Rikard Jansson (right). We look forward to her idears and contributions for the young horticulturists!

The tree Planting ceremony

A snakebark maple was planted at the tree planting ceremony at the congress centre: the horticultural school of Laimburg. The digging was made by (from left) Paul Mair - Principal of the Laimburg school, Rikard Jansson - President of CEJH, Matthias Hofer - Chairman of the South Tyrolean Young Horticulturists and Valtl Raffeiner - chairman of the South Tyrolean Horticultural Enterprises.