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Kordes Jungpflanzen

Kordes Jungpflanzen is offering jobs to young horticulturists in their company. The job is in the nursery like working with the potting team, in the dispatching area, with the stock plants and cutting team as well as in general in the production. Depending on the time and how long you stay you will have the opportunity to see a lot of different parts of the production.



Christian Kordes

Kordes Jungpflanzen Handels GmbH
Mühlenweg 8
D - 25485 Bilsen (Germany)

Fon: +49 (0) 41 06 - 40 11
Fax: +49 (0) 41 06 - 40 13
Christian Kordes: +49 (0) 173 - 24 38 667

Mail: c.kordes(at)


Grünes Personal

Grünes Personal offers job opportunities for horticulturist m/f/d in Germany. We’re looking
for a qualified horticulturist m/f/d for a production management position in herb and
vegetable manufacturing in pods. The job is placed in Sülzetal near Magdeburg. You have
appropriate experiences and qualifications? You like to work in Germany? Apply to us!

�permanent position ⌚full time �attractive payment


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Contakt Person:
Saskia Bluhm, Ceylan Ipek und Mirko Lettberg

Grünes Personal
Tel.: 0049 34205 209154